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歡迎使用 Jetty 的文檔 WIKI。Jetty 是一個開源項目,提供了一個 HTTP 服務器,HTTP 客戶端和 Javax,Servlet 容器。本 Jetty Wiki 提供的信息包括有如何開始使用 Jetty,基本的 Jetty 配置,特殊特性,優化,安全,JavaEE 監控,FAQs,幫助解決問題和更多。


這個文檔的 WIKI 是基於 Jetty 7 和 Jetty8 的,針對 Jetty 9 的內容請參考官方的連結:Jetty 9 文檔

雖然 Jetty 7 和 8 已經不官方不提供支持了,為了資料查找的方便,我們還是使用這個 WIKI 來對內容進行索引。

Jetty 文檔


CWIKI.US 有關 Jetty 的內容,請點擊下面的連結:

我們是處理的官方的文檔,按照官方的說法,這個維基中的內容已經沒有人進行維護了,最新的內容,請參考 Jetty 文檔中的內容:

Jetty 7 和 8 的版本已經不在提供官方的任何支持了,請使用 Jetty 9。

同時請參考 Jetty 項目的官方主頁:

Getting Started: Download, Install, Run

Getting Started with Jetty (video)
Download and Install Jetty
How to Run Jetty

Jetty HelloWorld Tutorial
Jetty and Maven HelloWorld Tutorial
Getting Starting with Jetty (6) (on
Jetty Start.jar

Configuring Jetty

Configuring JettyMaster Doc

Embedding Jetty

Embedding Jetty
Jetty Embedded HelloWorld
Embedding Jetty (video)
Understanding Which JARS to Use

Optimizing Jetty

Configuring Garbage Collection
Configuring for High Load

Deploying Applications within Jetty

Using the Deployment Manager
Setting Deployment Bindings
Using Hot Deployment
Using the Context Provider
Deploying Web Applications
Using the WebApp Provider
Using the Overlay Deployer
Deploying Third Party Products
Expanded Webapp Deploy

Developing with Jetty

How to Develop with Jetty
Writing Jetty Handlers

Build/IDE Integration

Using Jetty with Maven

Using Jetty with Ant

Using IDEs

Using Jetty with Eclipse
Using Jetty with IntelliJ

Working with Eclipse

Developing Jetty in Eclipse
Using the Jetty WTP Plugin
Installing the Jetty WTP Plugin
Using the WTP Plugin with an External WebApp
Modifying the Context Path with the WTP Plugin
JettyOSGi SDK for Eclipse-PDE
EclipseRT Jetty StarterKit SDK

Configuring Ajax, Comet and Asynchronous Servlets

Continuations and Asynchronous Servlets
100 Continue and 102 Processing
WebSocket Servlet
Using WebSockets
Using the WebSocket Wizard
Asynchronous REST
Stress Testing CometD
Using SPDY
Configuring NPN
How to Use SPDY with Jetty (by Jos Dirksen at

Using Servlets and Filters

Servlets Bundled with Jetty
Quality of Service Filter
Cross Origin Filter

Security Topics

Jetty Security Reports
Security Realms
Configuring Security Realms
Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
Configuring JAAS
Secure Mode
Securing Passwords in Files or Code
How to enable and Disable SSL Cipher Suites in Jetty
How to Secure Stored Passwords in Jetty
How to Secure Termination of Jetty
How to Configure Spnego

General Reference

Jetty Architecture
Jetty Classloading
Jetty JARS and Dependencies
Start Options
Temporary Directories
Jetty and JEE6 Web Profile

Configuration Reference

jetty.xml Syntax–Jetty IOC Configuration
jetty.xml Usage–Using and Combining Jetty Configurations

Configuration Files

jetty.xml–Server configuration
jetty-web.xml–Web App configuration
jetty-env.xml–JNDI configuration
webdefault.xml–Pre-web.xml configuration
override-web.xml–Post-web.xml configuration

Javadoc and Source

Jetty 7 Latest JavaDoc
Jetty 7 Latest Source XRef

Jetty 8 Latest JavaDoc
Jetty 8 Latest Source XRef

Index of Generated Release Documents–API and XRef documentation for previous releases.

Contributing to Jetty

Contributing to JettyMaster Doc
Jetty Coding Standards
Building Jetty
Release Testing Check List
Releasing Jetty
Contributing Patches


Asynchronous HTTP Client


Jetty Logging
Jetty Request Logs
Sifting Logs with Logback and SLF4J


Troubleshooting: Big Problems, Logs and Warnings
Using the Jetty Dump Feature
Dealing with Locked Windows Files
Zip Exceptions Reading Jar or WAR Files
Memory Leaks
Webtide Blog–Jetty developers responding to user dilemmas and announcing new features

Upgrading Jetty

Porting to Jetty 6 from earlier versions of Jetty
Porting to Jetty 7
Porting to Jetty 7/Packages and Classes
Porting to Jetty 8
Porting from Tomcat
Jetty Version Comparison Table

Application Server Integrations

Apache Geronimo JEE
Using Jetty with Apache httpd
How to use Jetty with Apache, AJP, mod_jk, mod_proxy_balancer
Configuring Apache mod_proxy with Jetty
Using Jetty with AJP13
Configuring Jetty in JBoss
Remote Glassfish EJBs from Jetty
Jetty and Spring EJB3 (Pitchfork)
JBoss EJB3
ObjectWeb EasyBeans (aka JOnAS EJB3Container)

Clustering Technologies

JBoss Infinispan (from Redhat)
Session Clustering Using a Database
Session Clustering with Terracota
Session Clustering with MongoDB

Features Reference

SSL Connectors Reference
QoSFilter Reference
DoSFilter Reference

IoC and DI Frameworks

How to Configure Jetty with Spring
How to Configure Jetty with XBean


Jetty on OSGi, RFC66
Jetty OSGi Powered Products
OSGi Tips
Jetty as the HTTP Service in Equinox
Jetty as the HTTP Service in Felix
Jetty as the HTTP Srevice in PAX
ProSyst mBedded Server Equinox Edition
Jetty in Spring Dynamic Modules
Jetty in JOnAS5

Web Frameworks

JSF Reference Implementation
Jakarta Slide


Atomikos Transaction Manager
Java Open Transaction Manager (JOTM)
Bitronix Transaction Manager
Binding JAX-WS 2.x Endpoints to Jetty Contexts
JVM NIO Bug Handling
Rewrite Module